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'62 華仁仔 | 15th Mar 2014, 15:05 PM | 想當年



郭穎基 Wing Kee (Winky) Kwok

December 28, 1942 - February 26, 2014

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As we remembered Winky :

From Yondani Butt :-

Date: Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 11:57 AM
I am very saddened to hear the passing of Wing Kee.  He, Andrew King ( who sat next to him ) and I were the three best friends.  He and Andrew was very close, holding hands in the class sitting to next other. Wing Kee was very talented with painting and I went to his home several times to see him and his mother. About twelve years ago  he sent a picture via email, showing his muscles ( he did weigh training). that was the closest  look I can for his grown up face.  Few years ago Alex showed the picture when he was in HK.  He specifically requested to see me, but that time I have to go to London, and he said well, we will see each other next time. He was a very nice classmate and nice person.  May he rest in peace and he always live in our memories.
 On the other hand make me think of Andrew King,  He changed his name to Sino as Jin Han Ting, I hope to make an effort to find where he was.  The last time I saw of him was with Edward Mak, at the University of Wisconsin in l968.  Later on I heard he was a professor in the American East.

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From David Koo
Date: Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 7:09 AM
Very sad indeed but this is not unexpected. Let's remember him in our prayers
and may he rest in eternal peace.

 From Raymond Lau

Date : Fri, February 28, 2014 9:44 AM

A life well lived. High praise indeed -- and so heart-felt. I am glad our prayers are answered.


From Jes Chung Date: Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 3:54 AM
Sad news indeed, Alex, especially for the living. Life is so fragile, anything can happen tomorrow. Wingkee is in my/our prayers. Jes

From Peter Chow Yuk-ting
Date: Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 9:34 AM
So very sad to learn the passing of Wing Kee.Please convey our most sincere condolences to Wing Kee's family.He was one of us. May he Rest In Peace. Peter Chow.

From Dunson Cheng Feb 28, 2014, at 9:39:

So sad!  I am glad that I visited and had lunch with WingKee last fall.  Dunson

From Raphael Lu –

Date: Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 11:10 AM
I was fortunate to have lunch with him on 14th Street at a new eatery  near WINKY' s home a week before he is scheduled to check in the hospital near the end of October. We had a good two hours lunch we chat about Wah Yan and good old days.

After I left Wah Yan and Winky ja year later to attend McPherson College in Kansas and he later he transfer to KSU. We ran into each when I attended Kansas State University and WINKY was there to do his BA. I ran into him at KSU university dormitory when I there looking for a friend. someone called me It was WINKY. There I made contact with WINKY.

A classmate of ours David come to spend X'mas with me and WINKY was in town Manhattan. I had most wonderful X'mas with so many of my friends,

When I finished my studies and moved to New York City a classmates of ours told me WINKY is in town (NYC). So we got connected again in the big Apple.

May WINKY rest in peace and we will be connected again and God be with him.


From Raymond Wang (Winky's best friend - non WYK), Date: Fri, February 28, 2014 9:52 am
Life is for love. Love is for sharing. Five years ago  Winky forward an e mail from his high school classmate Alex Mak about the Asian Game.  The videos is produced by the site of CCTV.  When I surf into the site, I discovered the Chinese Version and in the CCTV Channel 4 has a lots of Chinese TV series, especially about those relate to Chinese History.  This open a whole new world for us.  We have been busing watching Chinese TV series ever since.  Winky believe this kind of sharing.  He believe only through positive attitude one can tap into the abundance and attract more richness in life. Winky is an old time Chinese: he believe in predestination. He embrace with every happening in life, sharing his love and gave thanks for it's outcome.  For every person we come into life, there is the reason and it's purpose.  The only way is to treasure every moment as we don't know how much time we have.  Every body who knew him all felt Winky is their best friend and vice verse.  Now as Winky begin to live in our memory, may we bring his legacy to more people in  our life.
Winky first wrote to me from the web.  The more we correspond the more we discovered how we parallel in life.  We have talked in the phone everyday since February 2008.  It gave me great joy as we can speak our native language by mingle with Mandarin, Cantonese, English and some Shanghai.  We can share all subjects in life including those can only sharing between us.   We went to cruise many times, including the last two time of his visit Bruce in Aruba.  We have brought many friends into our daily conversation.  There are many of them have no chance to show their affection in here and I need to address them in here as well.  As every friends are equally special and they should have the same chance to show their love.

Raymond Wang

From Robert Shen (with attachments) :-

Date: Sat, Mar 1, 2014 at 11:41 AM
Subject: Wing Kee Kwok's years in Wah Yan

We will all miss Wing Kee Kwok 郭頴基, a generous and loving person. A great architect and a great student at Wah Yan. May he rest in peace.

Here is a write up of his school days when I was with him in Hong Kong : by Robert Shen 沈長康

I met Wing Kee Kwok 郭頴基 when I entered Wah Yah College in Kowloon, Hong Kong  in 1956 in Primary 6 (6th grade) and
knew him well all through the 6 years until he left for the United States in1962 after he graduated in Form 5 ( Equivalent to Junior in US system). Hong Kong used the British system in education and student graduate a year earlier than US High School.

Besides being a good student, Wing Kee also excelled in arts and music.  He studied Chinese painting with 周千秋梁粲缨 and introduced them to my mom and brother who took up Chinese painting too.
That was the beginning of his arts training which combined with his scientific knowledge made him a good architect. He wrote multiple articles for our high school's Shield for many years. Thanks to the contributors to the 50th Wah Yan High School reunion, we have all the Shields on the DVD.
Wing Kee also appeared in the Gilbert and Sullivan operas produced by our high school:-Mikado, Pirates of Penzance and Iolanthe ( Thanks to Hsuch Wei Shiang-Music Conductor , Wong Chin Wah 黃展華-Lead teacher/actor and Chu Chee Wing 朱志榮-lead student singer) We really enjoyed those wonderful productions.  During recess or lunch time, Wing Kee and I also got to enjoy the masterful piano performance of Yondani Butt 畢澤翔.

To our surprise, Wing Kee knew how to make a cake at his young age.  So he is a good chef too.

After  Wing Kee  got  into Wah Yan College (Kowloon), the Kwok family moved into an apartment next to the school. This way, Wing Kee could even go home for lunch, while Wing Kee's Dad who works on the Hong Kong side had to take the bus, the ferry to cross the harbor and the bus again every day to go to work.
Wing Kee and his mom arranged a lot of fun activities for us, parties, picnic trip, The gang included Andrew King, Joyce, myself, 陳永光, Chow Yi-Chong etc.

Wing Kee went to McPherson College in Kansas and because of his artistic ability, the College asked him to paint a large mural.

I came to US a year after Wing Kee. I got to know Wing Kee's parents quite well as I visited them quite often after Wing Kee left. 
When I flew to United State for College, Wing Kee came all the way from Kansas to meet me and we took the  Greyhound bus together across US to  McPherson College in Kansas. I got to see his mural and met his friends before I continue on the bus to Massachusetts.  Wing Kee later transferred to Kansas State University and graduated in 1966. His picture can be seen on Kansas State University's 1966 year book page 339, he at the upper right hand corner.

When I visited New York City in the 70's ,  Wing Kee had already done quite a few architecture designs for big companies like Gucci and he showed me some of his beautiful designs.
Wing Kee's parents also moved from Hong Kong into the same condo complex that Wing Kee lived in New York City. Wing Kee and his friend Bruce treated me to the Broadway show "Dancing" and we all enjoyed it.

The last time I saw Wing Kee was in 1998 When Wing Kee showed me and my daughter around NYC.  Wing Kee had taken up body building and was very fit if you see my photo with him.

Wing Kee had a reunion with WYK classmate in Oct 2008-see Alex Mak's photo. Dunson Cheng had lunch him last fall. Raphael Lu wrote about having lunch with him a week before his faithful operation.
For those who met him during the last few years, do write to Alex about it.

Dear friend Wing Kee--- May God Bless  and Until We Meet Again.
Bob Shen  沈長康

Photo:  Wing Kee Kwok 1960 party.
              Las Vegas crossing USA on Greyhound 1963 Wing Kee & Bob
             Wing Kee body building & Bob NYC 1998

From Dee (Winky’s cousin)

We set up a blogspot to share memories of Wing Kee if you wish to do so.  Please comment at:

Best,  Dee

From: Steven Cheung
Date: Monday, March 03, 2014
So sad to hear the passing of Wing Kee. He will surely be in peace with my and other prayers for him
Steven Cheung

Memories are made of these (click photo to enlarge):



Las Vegas crossing USA on Greyhound 1963, Wing Kee (R) & Bob (L)


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