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'62 華仁仔 | 17th May 2010, 18:43 PM | 想當年

The last posting contains allegedly the complete collection of class photos but Victor Young has kindly pointed out that both Upper Six Arts and Science class photos are missing.

Now, thanks to Ho Sir (Mr Anthony Ho), we have the complete collection. The following two photos have already been added to the previous article to complete the set. You can download these two here or click on the previous article to get them all. (Left click on the photos to see enlargement and then right click to download)

Upper Six Science (L) & Upper Six Arts (R)


(Click here to see the complete collection of class photos)


'62 華仁仔 | 16th May 2010, 14:04 PM | 想當年

At our 40th Anniversary Reunion back in 2002, Victor Young prepared for us a CD containing a collection of our class photos from Primary 6 (1956-1957) through to Lower 6 (1962-1963). For those who were not at that reunion, we are posting these photos here for downloading. Please left click on each photo to see the enlargement and then right click to save it to your hard disk or USB.

Thanks to Ho Sir (Mr Anthony Ho), we now have the missing photos of Upper Sixes (1963-1964):

(Please click here to see the photos)


'62 華仁仔 | 24th Apr 2010, 07:55 AM | 最新消息

So far, there has not been an article on this blog highlighting any of our regular monthly lunch events. The reason this one appears now is threefold : (i) since becoming our regular lunch venue, the Window Cafe at the Kowloon Hotel has provided such an extremely suitable environment for our particular style of gathering  thereby resulting in big improvements in our events' atmosphere and cameraderie which I think is worth mentioning, (ii) I found that the wording of Raymond Lau's thank you letter afterwards so accurately and aptly described not only the lunch he attended but can also be applied to many before or since at the same venue;  last but not least, (iii) for this gathering, the help of Tam Sir's additional camera has allowed us to provide more photos for posting here than just the one customary group picture.

So without further ado, here is the Raymond 劉漢傑  letter:

(Please click here to read the full text)


'62 華仁仔 | 21st Apr 2010, 16:57 PM | 想當年

一般90後和80後以至70後的華仁仔都可能不知道九龍華仁書院曾經設有小學六年級﹐這一級別好像是在60年代後期被取消了。我們這一班62屆絕大多數都是從P6進入九華﹐從而開始我們的華仁仔生涯﹐從這些當年Primary Six (1956-1957) 的class photo中你們又可以認出多少當年的同學。{Please left click the photos to see enlargements}


Photos supplied by Victor Young


'62 華仁仔 | 9th Apr 2010, 01:28 AM | 最新消息

Now, finally, thanks to Francis Ching who provided the photos without caption originally and also our thanks to Victor Young who somehow got them all captioned with our names; so here we are, in full glory and all looking extremely smart in our Class photos on graduation year 1962 ! There are two pictures of our teachers too, one taken in 1957 and one in 1963. A candid shot of Class 2C (circa 1959) on the balcony is also included to test your collective memories - recognize anyone there ?

(click on the photos to make them larger)



'62 華仁仔 | 3rd Apr 2010, 23:42 PM | 最新消息

On the evening of 31 March, a group of  WYK62'ers, namely Kevin Tong, James Li, David Koo, Stephen Cheung, Patrick Cheng, Cedric Lam, Poon Lai-yeung and myself, Alex Mak + spouses and friends had a dinner party and a marvellous time at a Xinjiang Restaurant in TST, Kowloon. With a whole roast baby lamb as the main dish as well as belly dancing shows amidst boisterous music and a fullhouse crowd providing a great atmosphere, the evening was tremendously exciting and entertaining as well as a fabulous success. Here are some highlights of this memorable event : [click the pictures to make them larger]





'62 華仁仔 | 5th Jan 2010, 10:48 AM | 最新消息


Part I



'62 華仁仔 | 31st Oct 2009, 17:56 PM | 想當年


The link below connects to an album on Alex Mak's blog site in which there are some 40 odd photos of WYK62 gatherings in Hong Kong and abroad these few years as well as school era pictures taken during class picnics or Speech Days etc. For those interested in viewing these pics to refresh their memories of all WYK62'ers now and in the good old days, just click :-

'62 華仁仔 | 1st Oct 2009, 09:29 AM | 想當年

At our last meeting in September, James Li showed me a memorial booklet published by the St. Ignatius Church in Singapore to commemorate Fr. O'Neill.  He asked me to scan some of the pages to share with our classmates on our blog .  I flipped through the whole book and can only marveled at the speed and the excellent quality the booklet was put together, as it was published soon after Fr. O'Neill's funeral.  I could feel that Fr. Tom, as he was affectionately known in his parish, was truly loved and missed by his congregation in Singapore.  To gain a better insight to the man, I have uploaded, in addition to the pictures, some pages written by Fr. O'Neill's family members and also by Fr. Tseng.  I was amazed at the deep devotion, dedication and sacrifice of the O'Neill family to the church.  His only and younger brother is also a Jesuit priest in Ireland.  Can you imagine the sentiment if it were a Chinese family?

Among the many tributes from the congregation, one stood out in my memory.  One of the parishioners wrote that he was walking on the sidewalk near the church one day and suddenly he started to hear the most beautiful heavenly singing.  For a moment, he thought he was undergoing a spiritual revelation.  Then he found out it was Fr. Tom singing and riding on his bicycle, approaching from behind.  What a free-spirited man!  After reading through the book, I can only say that we have all read about saints and their life stories in prints, but Fr. O'Neill came closest to being one that ever walked among us.  We are indeed very privileged to have known him in person.  The booklet also contains a DVD that documents Fr. O'Neill's life through slide shows of his photo collection.  If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy, please contact me for further information.

(Please click once or twice on the photos and click twice on the texted pictures to see the enlarged version)



'62 華仁仔 | 3rd Sep 2009, 15:30 PM | 一般

Just came across this in youtube:


'62 華仁仔 | 28th Aug 2009, 05:17 AM | 最新消息

WYK, WYKPSA, WYOFF, WYHK and WYHKPSA have formed a Steering Committee to organise a series of celebration events from October 2009 to July 2010.  The first activity is the Walkathon.

Please read the letter from Chairman of the Walkathon Organising Committee by clicking  (閱讀全文) icon following this paragraph.


'62 華仁仔 | 18th Aug 2009, 11:50 AM | 一般

For those of you who are not familiar with Sinablog format, leaving a message on the blog can be frustrating with the Chinese interface and their choice of wording. Hope the following can help: (click on 閱讀全文 below left to see the whole article).


'62 華仁仔 | 16th Aug 2009, 16:28 PM | 想當年

One more article - this time by James Tong (WYK65) has also been in our 留言簿 since 3 August. It's now being posted here as well for all to see -- Blog Admin. 

Fr. Thomas O'Neill passed away on July 30, 2009 in Singapore where he had been directing retreats. The wake service were on Saturday and Sunday, funeral mass and cremation on Monday August 3rd in Singapore (click on 閱讀全文 below left to see the whole article).


'62 華仁仔 | 16th Aug 2009, 16:22 PM | 想當年

The following article by Philip Chai has been in our 留言簿 since 3 August. It's now being posted here for all to see -- Blog Admin. 

Sad to hear the news. From Fr. Tseng's email, looks like Fr. O'Neill passed away peacefully in his sleep after having afternoon tea. I will always have fond memory of him. I didn't make the 2002 class reunion in HK, and the last time I saw him was the dinner gathering in Los Altos, Calif in 1998 with Peter Sien, Clement Luk, Patrick Hsu, Dennis Chu, Paul Lee, Vincent Chu. I remember he told us the story how Butt Chak-cheung got his name "Yondani", but now I forgot the story! We will all miss him. May he rest in peace!

Philip Chai

'62 華仁仔 | 16th Aug 2009, 00:14 AM | 想當年

Most of us had been in Fr.O'Neill's class during our years at Wah Yan Kowloon.
Many of us including myself have been lucky to be in his class of 2D and 4A.
The attached are the fondest memory of him while I traveled from Los Angeles, San Francisco, flew to Calgary Canada for the Wah Yan Conference and then stop by Vancouver to visit with our classmates.
I have observed how religious he was and so spiritual. He brought along stuffs with him that he served mass every day on the road privately. He was so funny in enjoying the ice cream cone in Vancouver, purchased by our beloved Raymond Lau 劉漢傑.
[click 閱讀全文 below left to see the photos and click the photos to make them larger]


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