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Steven Cheung 張志鴻

Dear all,

It is with great sadness to report that our brave and tenacious cancer warrior and former classmate, Steven Cheung 張志鴻 of F.5C passed away last evening, 1st December, at 9:48 pm at Tuen Mun Hospital peacefully with his whole family by his side. The last of us to see him was James Li 李立本 who was there late yesterday afternoon - thank you James.

Steven shall always be remembered for his courage, optimism and tenacity exhibited during the last part of his prolonged battle which took place in Hong Kong over the last 30 odd months. Farewell, my friend, you will live forever in our hearts ! May you rest in eternal peace in God's embrace.

With our deepest condolences to the Cheung family,


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畢澤翔 Yondani C.C. Butt

1945.01.23 - 2014.08.28


Yondani Butt in 2012


Dear all,

It is with a much saddened heart to report that a phone call from Roger Butt (Yondani's elder brother in Hong Kong) informed me that our beloved Maestro Yondani Butt was certified this morning by the hospital at 10:45 am this morning after going into a coma and had to rely on a breathing machine since 5 am this morning - 28th October 2014 !

What more can I say except 天妒英才, I think we should all 節哀順變吧 !

I am sure we will all miss him so very much ! May he rest in God's arms in peace for eternity !

Take care & good health to all,

Alex Mak


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郭穎基 Wing Kee (Winky) Kwok

December 28, 1942 - February 26, 2014

Please visit Winky's memorial website by clicking here

To view essays by Winky and more photos, please click here

As we remembered Winky :

From Yondani Butt :-

Date: Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 11:57 AM
I am very saddened to hear the passing of Wing Kee.  He, Andrew King ( who sat next to him ) and I were the three best friends.  He and Andrew was very close, holding hands in the class sitting to next other. Wing Kee was very talented with painting and I went to his home several times to see him and his mother. About twelve years ago  he sent a picture via email, showing his muscles ( he did weigh training). that was the closest  look I can for his grown up face.  Few years ago Alex showed the picture when he was in HK.  He specifically requested to see me, but that time I have to go to London, and he said well, we will see each other next time. He was a very nice classmate and nice person.  May he rest in peace and he always live in our memories.
 On the other hand make me think of Andrew King,  He changed his name to Sino as Jin Han Ting, I hope to make an effort to find where he was.  The last time I saw of him was with Edward Mak, at the University of Wisconsin in l968.  Later on I heard he was a professor in the American East.

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'62 華仁仔 | 4th Jan 2013, 04:30 AM | 最新消息

Wah Yan College Kowloon Class of 1962 held a 50th Anniversary Reunion during 5th to 8th November 2012.


Please click on the photo to enlarge

Please click here to read the write-up by Raymond Lau of the four-day event



'62 華仁仔 | 23rd Dec 2011, 09:07 AM | 最新消息

We are planning a reunion for our 50th Anniversary in November 2012, for details, please contact Victor Young, Albert Young or Alex Mak.


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ATV 2011 感動香港年度人物 11/12/2011




'62 華仁仔 | 22nd Dec 2011, 14:46 PM | 最新消息

Here is a report by Alex Mak on their day trip to Zhongshan 2011-12-19:

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'62 華仁仔 | 11th Jan 2011, 14:04 PM | 最新消息

Dunson 鄭家發 is currently in Hong Kong on business and we had dinner with him on 28th December 2010.  It was a big turnout as you can see from the huge table in the first photo (click the photo to view an enlarged version).


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'62 華仁仔 | 27th Dec 2010, 18:42 PM | 最新消息

Here are two videos of the Wah Yan IC2010 and a write-up on this event will follow soon:

'62 華仁仔 | 17th Dec 2010, 12:37 PM | 最新消息

Back in March 10, 2010. Bill Mok 莫國城(now back to AUS), our resident expert tracker, located Kenneth Chan 陳家聲 in Facebook.  Last night, we all had the pleasure of meeting him in person, as he is currently visiting Hong Kong. Welcome to the fold, Ken.  And thanks to William Kwa 柯偉康 for bringing him to the dinner and here are the photos taken during this very happy event (click on the photo to see an enlarged version):


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As usual, we had a very joyous and satisfying luncheon get together last Thursday 18th November 2010 (click on photo to see an enlarged version).


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'62 華仁仔 | 27th Oct 2010, 13:18 PM | 最新消息

Our regular lunch meeting on the third Thursday of October 2010 at the Window Cafe of the Kowloon Hotel (as usual) was joined by overseas classmates Philip Chia + Raymond Lau and wife Betty.

As always, we were very boisterous and happy - view the photo if you don't believe me !



'62 華仁仔 | 19th Sep 2010, 08:51 AM | 最新消息

Here is the start of our collection of photos all taken during the past 10 years whenever we WYK62'ers gathered for a lunch or dinner to eat, chat and make merry. It used to take place whenever our overseas classmates visited Hong Kong and Victor Young, our indefatigable "chairman - organizer" will 'round' us up for such an event.

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Regular monthly lunch gathering at Windows Cafe, Kowloon Hotel 2010-09-16


'62 華仁仔 | 29th May 2010, 01:29 AM | 想當年

Mr Laurence C S Tam (Form-master of Form IC 1957/58) has recently been invited to be the honorary consultant of Hong Kong Education Bureau to help them organize the "International Students' Visual Arts Contest and Exhibition (2010)".  This is the first international project of its kind ever been organized by the Hong Kong Government as a means to promote cultural exchange between Hong Kong and the rest of the world. Please see WYKAAO website   (Harmony between nations and races is, of course, an ideal, but difficult to achieve.  Hopefully, through our enduring efforts in cultural exchange work that harmony may one day come along and our world may become a better place for us to live in.)  Since inducing overseas educational institutions interested in the above-mentioned Contest is not easy and in order to  facilitate more overseas participants to submit their entries, the deadline, as well as procedures for submission of entries, has been duly revised. In the last two weeks Mr Tam have been busy sending emails to his overseas relatives and friends to encourage them to submit entries directly to Hong Kong by themselves, since overseas entrants do not need to send their entries through schools.  In fact, this can be applied to many of our WYK62 classmates who are residing overseas with grandchildren.  Therefore, Mr Tam had asked that perhaps we can pass this message out to our WYK62'ers, relatives and friends as a 最後衝刺?  This is the website that provides the most up-to-date information of the Contest:   as  Mr Tam would like to see the scions of our Wahyanites among the Grand Prize Winners of the Contest.


'62 華仁仔 | 29th May 2010, 01:01 AM | 想當年



 (click to enlarge)

Recently, some of us in Hong Kong attended a banquet hosted by our classmate Michael 梁啟雄 for his grandson Aaron's Double Full Moon Celebration during which we were very happy to be able to sit on the same table with Mr & Mrs Laurence C S Tam who was my Form IC form-master with 6 others who were in the same class during 1957/58 in WYK. Indeed, it was quite a joyous occassion and Mr Tam even said that it was like a mini-reunion. (see photo above). 

Afterwards, I received an email from Mr Tam and an excerpt of which appeared below : 


Dear Alex,
Thank you for giving me the class photos and the  WYK62 website which  contents brought back wonderful memories of my happy days at Wah Yan. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your classmates in inviting me and my wife to attend the joyful Windows Cafe lunch gatherings of the WYK62 group in the past months. 

Indeed, if the photo taken of those who were at the same table had included Michael Leung, Lau Kin Sang and Tong Yau Kan at other tables, then there would have been a total of 8 former Form 1C classmates there, almost like a small reunion of Form IC (1957-58).  Isn't it an occasion to be remembered!  

In the past few years, I have been involved in the Wah Yan Kowloon Chinese art promotion exhibition: "The Cradle of New Chinese Ink Painting Movement
新水墨畫運動的搖籃". (Believe you have already got a copy of my book on the exhibition. Its second and revised edition in English was published in 2009.)  It has aroused local and overseas interest in the educational value of Chines
e painting, which had been ignored by modern educators for a long time.  It is a sad thing to say that few art teachers in Hong Kong today are able to teach Chinese art in schools.  In the last few months, I happened to come across some leading education adminstrators who share my view that with HK being part of China, there is an obvious need to! bring Chinese art education into HK school curiculum, and our Wah Yan "Cradle" project can be taken as a lead to revive the significance of Chinese art education as a key subject in holistic education 全人教育 in schools in Hong Kong.  They had made me stay in Hong Kong all this while so that I was able to work with them closely together.  Hopefully, something meaningful and exciting on the Wah Yan "Cradle" project will engender in the near future.

Laurence Tam.